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trammels n : a restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner) [syn: shackle, bond, hamper, trammel]

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  1. Plural of trammel

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Trammels is an area within Missouri City, Texas, United States that was an unincorporated settlement in eastern Fort Bend County.


Trammels is located at the junction of State Highway 6 and Trammel-Fresno Road 14 miles northeast of Richmond. The town in located approximately half way between U.S. Highway 59 and State Highway 288, two freeways that serve the Houston area, on State Highway 6. The town appears on a map published by Color-Art, Inc. of Houston, Texas and vicinity.


Little is known regarding early history of the town though there is some records of the development of the neighboring town of DeWalt. In 1936, the community had a row of dwellings, one business, and five farm units. Although Trammels appeared on county maps, population statistics were never recorded. A portion of the town is covered by a small man-made lake. The remaining areas of Trammels became a part of the DeWalt community. As of 2008 what was Trammels is now in the city limits of Missouri City.


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